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You & The Market - set of 5 DVDs


You & The Market - set of 5 DVDs
An intensive course on psychology and market analysis

Kerry Lovvorn, a Co-Director of SpikeTrade, focuses on psychology and technical analysis.  He makes it crystal clear that there is no “one size fits all” trading system: the way we trade is as personal as how we drive.  He shares the key rules that all must obey.  Ultimately you must develop a strategy that fits your personality.  Kerry opens his own system to you, offering a great starting point for independent research.

This course, prepared for the 2013 Traders’ Camp, was professionally filmed and edited for clarity and brevity.  Total running time: 5hrs 55min.  The video can be delivered to you as a download.

To see a brief demo video, please click this link

Key points:

Disk 1: The process, the ‘Holy Grail’, the system, discipline, assessing market conditions, market trend.

Disk 2: Average True Range (ATR) channels, New High – New Low Index, Using the Industry Group chart, market internals, anticipating market signals.

Disk 3: Trade strategies, strategy & market conditions, Squeeze play, entry triggers.

Disc 4: MACD divergence trades, production analysis of a trader, trade plan.

Disk 5 (a bonus disk): “Alex & Kerry show” – Q&A and market analysis with both Kerry Lovvorn and Dr Alexander Elder.  They interact and jointly answer campers’ questions.

Working with this informative video will help recognize key psychological issues and learn several sophisticated analytic and trading techniques.



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