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The Impulse System


The Impulse System
Alex: presentation at the 2014 Reunion (33 min.)

Alex introduces this system by saying” I can define any market move using two parameters: inertia and power.  I can do it in any market and in any timeframe.”  The two indicators in this system color each price bar green, red or blue, depending on whether the signal is bullish, bearish or neutral.

The Impulse isn’t a trading system – it is a censorship system.  It doesn’t tell you what to do – it tells you what you’re not allowed to do. When it colors a bar green, it prohibits shorting, while a red bar prohibits buying.

The Impulse system keeps you out of trouble by filtering out dangerous and uncertain trades.  Throughout this presentation Alex shows trades from his Trade Journal as well as current market examples.

This presentation is also included in "The 2014 Reunion - the Complete Set"



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