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The Password Course - ATR Channels (2 Classes)


The Password Course - ATR Channels (2 Classes)
Jan and Feb 2017 (K. Lovvorn)

Video 1: Presentation: 42 minutes.  Q&A 28 minutes.  Total time 1hr 10 min.

Video 2: Presentation: 35 minutes.  Q&A 25 minutes.  Total time 1hr.

This product includes a recording of this meeting as well as its PowerPoint.

Average True Range (ATR) is an indicator first described in 1976 – but Kerry brings it into the 21st century with his ATR channels.  He uses them to achieve some of the most important tasks in market analysis and trading: to determine volatility, analyze trend structure, identify supply and demand, and set stop-loss orders and profit targets.  He calls ATR channels his multipurpose tool and says this is the only tool he would not trade without.

Covering the vast amount of practical info on ATR Channels requires not one but two sessions.  In this one Kerry addresses identifying trends, ATR divergences, and and identifying exhausted trends ready for a reversal.

A super extra bonus: in this video Kerry presents a simple trading system with a superb track record, based on combining Spike Bounce signals with ATR Channels.



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