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The Password Course - Force Index


The Password Course - Force Index
March 29, 2017 (A. Elder)

Presentation: 21 minutes.  Q&A 40 minutes (includes extensive current examples).  Total time 1hr, 1 min.

This product includes a recording of this meeting as well as its PowerPoint.

Volume reflects the power of market moves.  This is why analyzing volume is essential for successful trading.

Strangely enough, even computerized traders continue to look at simple bar charts of volume.  There is a better tool – the Force Index, an indicator that Dr Elder developed and has been using for years.

In this class he teaches how to construct Force Index and how to use it to identify trading opportunities.  He shares the latest findings: how adding 3-ATR channels to Force Index turns it into one of the most reliable tools for identifying intermediate tops and bottoms.

As always, this presentation will be followed by a Q&A, which will include examining current markets.  The recording of this class will include a PDF of the presentation.



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