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The Password Course - Volume Bar Charts


The Password Course - Volume Bar Charts
April 27, 2017 - (K. Lovvorn)

Volume Bar Charts: a Tool for Better Insight & Decisions

Presentation: 43 minutes.  Q&A 20 minutes.  Total time 1hr, 3 min.

Successful traders often use non-traditional methods.  A "volume bar chart” differs from the rest because it uses volume instead of time on its horizontal axis.  

The market does not know time – it knows only volume, which reflects trading activity.  Each bar on the Volume Bar chart is marked not by the passage of time but a certain amount of volume.

Depending on the trading vehicle, a bar may contain 50 or 250 hundred thousand shares, 10,000 or 100,000 futures contracts, etc. – the exact number depends on a specific market.

Volume bars provide a unique insight into market behavior.  They can help you make better decisions, especially in short-term trading.

Kerry will show how to construct Volume Bar charts and use them to identify trading opportunities.  As always, his presentation will be followed by a Q&A, which will include examining current markets.  The recording of this class will include a PDF of the presentation.



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