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Catching reversals: False breakouts with a divergence (2 Classes)


Catching reversals: False breakouts with a divergence (2 Classes)
June & July 2017 (A. Elder)


This unique product contains not one but two classes:

Session 13: Presentation: 29 minutes.  Q&A 33 minutes.  Total time 1hr, 2 min.
Session 14: Presentation: 30 minutes.  Q&A 45 minutes.  Total time 1hr, 15 min.

Catching reversals: False breakouts with a divergence

Members’ interest in this presentation was so high that we extended it to two session, to be able to answer all questions and show more trade examples.  We combined both classes into one product, giving you two related classes for the price of one.

A divergence with a false breakout is a pattern that marks some of the most attractive tops and bottoms.  Prices break out to a new extreme, but cannot stay there and pull back, inside the previous extreme.  At the same time an indicator, such as MACD, traces a divergence between the two extremes.

Dr. Elder is always on a lookout for this pattern of a divergence with a false breakout.  This is his favorite pattern for catching trend reversals in any timeframe, in stocks and futures.

In this presentation he shows the exact setups he looks for to trade.  He shares his trading rules, including do’s and don’ts.  He present multiple examples of using this pattern for buying and shorting, including his own trades.



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