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Essential for Success: Record-Keeping (2 classes)


Essential for Success: Record-Keeping (2 classes)
Dec 5 & 19, 2017, K. Lovvorn)

This unique product contains not one but two classes:

Session 17 (Structure): Presentation: 48 minutes.  Q&A 20 minutes.  Total time 1hr, 8 min.

Session 18: (Analysis & Lessons) Presentation: 41 minutes.  Q&A 24 minutes.  Total time 1hr, 05 min.

Catching reversals: False breakouts with a divergence

Keeping good records allows you to learn from your trades and stop repeating mistakes.

Session One:  Good records include much more than dates and prices, but keeping them should be easy, no more than 30 minutes after a day of trading.  First, we must input our data in a meaningful way.  Next, we need to analyze and draw lessons from it to become a strong traderDr. Elder writes in The New Trading for a Living, “Show me a trader with good records, and I’ll show you a good trader”.

Session Two: here you learn how to analyze the data in your Trade Journal to discover your weaknesses and find where you need to focus your attention to improve as a trader. You will clearly see what is working and, more importantly, not working in your trading and what needs to be fixed.

As always, the recording of this class includes a PDF of the presentation.



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