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The Password Courses 2016 (8 Classes total)


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The Password Courses 2016 (8 Classes total)
2016 - The complete FIRST year of the Password Course

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The Password Course - all 2016 recordings

Each session of The Password Course consists of an intensive presentation, followed by a Q&A. Each session focuses on a key analytic and/or trading technique.

Each recording includes a video of that class (both the presentation and the Q&A), as well as the PDF.

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1.    Classical charting techniques that work // Alex, April 2016

Technical analysis began with classical charting. The development of computerized analysis has made many classical tools inadequate – but a small number of those tools has stood the test of time, making them as useful today as ever.  This presentation focuses on those tools, including trading rules and many examples.

2.    V1 and V2 entry techniques // Kerry, May 2016

Kerry presents his technique in which price action triggers him into trades – regardless of whether he is in front of the screen or not.  Kerry calls his entry patterns V-1 and V-2 combo triggers.

3.    Risk and money management // Alex, June 2016

A simple but powerful money management technique that you can use with any trading system or method.  It is suitable for any trader – a newbie who is cautiously starting out or to an experienced trader working to come back from a losing streak.

4.    Volatility-based Stops // Kerry, July 2016

Kerry’s interest in market volatility led him to develop an original volatility-based method for setting stops.  His simple but effective formula allows him to place stops outside of the zone of normal volatility, where a random move is unlikely to hit his stop.

5.    A Trend-Following Method // Alex, August 2016

It makes sense to trade in the direction of a trend – but are you prepared to hold through severe drawdowns and long periods of inactivity that go with long-term trend following?  Alex has developed a relatively short-term trend-following method for catching waves that go in the direction of the market tide.

6.    Trading futures // Alex, September 2016

This class includes an introduction to futures for those who only trade stocks // What methods you can bring from stocks to futures and what has to change // Risk control in futures.  

7.    Spike Bounce Signal // Kerry, October 2016

Spike Bounce is one of the most reliable timing signals for stock market rallies.  In addition to teaching and illustrating our Spike Bounce signal, Kerry shares his latest tools for delivering specific estimates of the likely extent of the coming stock market rally: weak, moderate or strong.

8.    The Impulse system // Alex, November 2016

This system works by tracking two key parameters of every market move: inertia and power.  It will help you decide when to buy, sell, or stand aside in any market, in any trading vehicle.  It performs in every timeframe – from super-long-term monthly charts to very fast day trading.




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