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The Password Class 2017 (10 Classes total)


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The Password Class 2017 (10 Classes total)
2017 - The complete SECOND year of the Password Class

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The Password Course - all 2017 recordings

Each session of The Password Class consists of an intensive presentation, followed by a Q&A. Each session focuses on a key analytic and/or trading technique and lasts about an hour.

Each recording includes a video of that class (both the presentation and the Q&A), as well as the PDF.

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1 & 2.    The ATR Channels // Kerry, Jan & Feb 2017

Kerry uses ATR channels to achieve some of the most important tasks in market analysis and trading: to determine volatility, analyze trend structure, identify supply and demand, and set stop-loss orders and profit targets.  He calls ATR channels his multipurpose tool. Kerry addresses identifying trends, ATR divergences, and and identifying exhausted trends ready for a reversal.  He presents a simple trading system with a superb track record, based on combining Spike Bounce signals with ATR Channels.

3.    Force Index // Alex, March 2017

Dr Elder considers it the best tool for tracking the power of market moves.  He shows how to construct Force Index and how to use it to identify trading opportunities.  He shares the latest findings: how adding 3-ATR channels to Force Index turns it into one of the most reliable tools for identifying intermediate tops and bottoms.

4.    Volume Share Bars // Kerry, April 2017

Successful traders often use non-traditional methods.  A "volume bar chart” differs from the rest because it uses volume instead of time on its horizontal axis.  Volume bars provide a unique insight into market behavior.  Kerryl shows how to construct Volume Bar charts and use them to identify trading opportunities..

5 & 6.    Catching Reversals: Divergences with False Breakouts // Alex, June & July 2017

A divergence with a false breakout is a pattern that marks some of the most attractive tops and bottoms.  Dr. Elder shows the exact setups he looks to trade.  He shares his trading rules, including do’s and don’ts and present multiple examples.  Members’ interest in this presentation was so high that we extended it to two session, to be able to answer all questions and show more examples.

7.    Squeeze Play: My trading system // Kerry, Aug 2017

Transitions from low to high volatility create some of the best trading opportunities.  Kerry has developed a method that allows him to find low volatility stocks that are ready to break into higher volatility.  He aims to buy quiet, sleepy markets and take profits when they start to boil.  Kerry shows how he finds these setups and describes his detailed trade plan for these conditions.

8.    Fading Extremes: my trading method // Alex, October 2017

This is the third video in a series on Dr Elder’s personal trading methods.  Previous videos dealt with “Pullback to Value” and “False Breakout with a Divergence.”  This method deals with the challenge of fading (trading against) price extremes.  It is a reversal tactic which demands discipline and strong risk management.

9 & 10.    Rerd-keeping: Structure, Analysis & Lessons // Kerry, Dec 2017

Keeping good records allows you to learn from your trades and stop repeating mistakes.

Session One:  Structure!  Good records include much more than dates and prices, but keeping them should be easy, no more than 30 minutes after a day of trading.  Session Two: learn to analyze the data in your Trade Journal to discover your weaknesses and find where you need to focus your attention to improve as a trader.

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