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The Password Courses 2018 (9 Classes + You and the market)


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The Password Courses 2018 (9 Classes + You and the market)
2018 - The complete THIRD year of the Password Course

This is the list of 2018 Password recordings:

1. Towards Organized Trading // Alex, January 2018

Presentation: 44 minutes.  Q&A 19 minutes.  Total time 1hr 3 min.

  • Weekend homework: Markets review, scanning, favorites
  • Daily homework: Review markets & self, Trade plans, Trade grades
  • Resources & Time management

Organizing you market work is an essential task for all of us, but especially for part-time traders.  In this much-requested presentation Alex shows how he structures his weekend and daily homework.  He shares his favorite resources and delves into time management.

2. Personal Basket of Stocks – Filtering // Kerry, February 2018

Presentation: 35 minutes.  Q&A 17 minutes.  Total time 52 min.

The best place to look for trading opportunities is in your personal basket of stocks.  It beats endless searching, which often ends in frustration and no trade.

The first step is to filter out stocks that do not meet our selection criteria.  Filters include liquidity and volatility, as well as purging unsuitable groups.  Kerry shows his filtering process, which delivers a list from which he hand-picks stocks for his Personal Basket.

3. Using Strategy Scans // Kerry, March 2018

In his previous Password class Kerry showed how to use filters to reduce the total number of stocks by about 90% to create a “personal basket” of trading candidates.  In this class he’ll show how to look for potential trades in that basket.

Scans are not intended to find specific trades.  They are designed to lead us to those stocks that appear to have our favorite trade setups.  Scans streamline our search process.  Kerry will demonstrate various ways to scan for attractive trade setups.  He’ll show the scans he uses to find the setups he prefers to trade.

4. Learning from Your Trades // Alex, April 2018

We’d always make perfect trades if only we could buy and sell in the middle of the chart.  In reality, we must make our decisions at the hard right edge – but we can learn a great deal by re-examining charts of our completed trades a few months after we exit.

By then our trades are in the middle of the chart – and seeing what happened to them reveals valuable lessons for the future.  Your own updated and marked up charts become great instructors. All slides in this presentations show actual trades by Alex in 2018.

5. How to Create a Trade Plan // Kerry, May 2018

A good trade plan identifies a market setup that you want to trade. It helps control impulsivity that can hurt even the best traders.  Trade plans must be clear and straightforward.  They should be concise, without multiple pages of complex ideas.

Kerry will show how to define a trading strategy, write a plan, and enter it into your Trade Journal.  You will learn how to track your own compliance with your plan.

6.  Trade Plans: Is This Fish Legal? // Alex, June 2018

A Trade Plan is like a measuring tool in fishing: may you take this fish home?  Is your pick OK to trade?  A good plan helps zoom in on promising trades, skip duds, and reduce impulsivity. A plan must have a simple structure. Do you know why to benefit from someone else’s plan you must modify it?  Alex will show you his three trade plans and several trade examples.

7. The Handcuff Method of Trade Sizing; Post-Trade Reviews // Alex, July 2018

This method, developed by Alex for his own trading, will help you reach a higher level of personal discipline.  This class will also revisit the theme of Password 23 - Learning from Your Trades, as Alex will share a series of post-trade reviews from his own Trade Journal.

8. A Tool for Buying: The First Higher Low // Kerry, October 2018

Presentation: 44 minutes.  Q&A 24 minutes.  Total time 1 hr 8 min

The key feature of any uptrend is forming higher highs and higher lows. The sooner you identify a fresh uptrend, the better your risk/reward ratio.  Kerry shows how to look for the first higher low in what can be a newly forming uptrend.  This is one of his favorite trading techniques, and he illustrates his talk with many examples from his own Trade Journal.

9. Getting into Day-Trading // Alex, November 2018

Alex shares his experiences getting deeper into day-trading in 2018. Market selection.  What techniques can be brought in from regular swing trading. Planning and record-keeping. Psychological challenges, traps, and rewards. Everything illustrated with charts of actual trades.

Bonus video “You and the Market” 

This course, delivered in the 2013 Traders’ Camp, was professionally filmed and edited for clarity and brevity.  Total running time: 5hrs 55min.

Kerry focuses on psychology and technical analysis.  Kerry opens his own system to you, offering a great starting point for independent research.

See demo clip HERE

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