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The Password Courses 2019 (10 Classes + Gerald Appel Master Class)


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The Password Courses 2019 (10 Classes + Gerald Appel Master Class)
2019 - The complete FOURTH year of the Password Course

This is the list of 2019 Password recordings:

Each recording, including Q&A is approx. one hour long and includes a PDF of the presentation.

1. Industry Groups & Subgroups - Identify Market Tides  // Kerry, January 2019

Step away from the crowd which looks only at main market indexes and individual stocks.  Learn to identify major trend changes with the help of SpikeTrade’s unique tool - our weekly study of Industry Groups and Subgroups.  This is not a short-term timing indicator, but it’ll put you in gear with the market’s major trend.

You don’t have to calculate it yourself - just take SpikeTrade data each weekend.  This class will help you develop an understanding of and confidence in this powerful, nonpublic tool.  For years, it has kept us on the right side of major moves most of the time - and we expect it to continue to perform in the future.

2. Extracting Lessons from Trades // Alex, February 2019

It is very useful to review your trades a couple of months after you close them.  Creating follow-up charts, on which your entries and exits are marked in the middle instead of at the right edge, provides a valuable look back at your actions.

In this class Alex will walk you through six trade records, each consisting of three charts: one for the entry, another for the exit, and the third for a post-trade review.  You’ll see several systems in action, as well as how a serious trader uses a review of his actions to reinforce his skills and identify his errors.  An interactive feature: every participant will receive a form on which to record his or her expectations and ratings.

3. How to Exit Trades // Kerry, March 2019

Exiting trades is crucial to your success, but there is no perfect “one size fits all” exit.  Perfect exits can be found only on historic charts.  In reality, a good workmanlike exit is linked to your overall trade strategy. There are several ways to set up exit points. No one should enter a trade without a clear exit plan.

Kerry will show how to set exit rules to match your trade plans and goals.  He’ll walk you thru the process of managing exits based on styles of trading. Exiting a trade is not about getting out at the perfect spot – it is based on specific criteria in tune with your style of trading.

4. Campaign Trading – a technician takes a stab at fundamentals // Alex, April 2019

Serious money comes from trades that last for a fair bit of time, often with multiple entries and exits. Such trading campaigns are almost always driven by fundamental ideas about technology, a stock group, or sometimes an individual stock.

In this presentation Alex will walk you through some of his recent campaigns and share a few ideas that he considers for his campaigns in the near future.

5. Trading Psychology  // Alex, June 2019

Psychology plays a greater role in your success or failure than any analytic tool.  What behaviors, habits, and feelings help promote trading success?

Alex draws on his decades of experience as a psychiatrist, a trader, and a teacher of traders to help you answer these essential questions.  He offers several solutions that will help you stand above the market crowd.

6. How to develop confidence in a trading method // Kerry, July 2019

You’ve read about the three M’s (Mind, Method, Money) in Dr. Alexander Elder’s best-selling book The New Trading for a Living.  Of the three M’s, Mind is the most important. How do we condition our mind for success?

Most traders spend the bulk of their time chasing one method after another but fail to settle on any one long enough to become successful.  As soon as their method triggers a series of losses they bail out and move on to something else. How do we know that a series of losses is nothing unusual and is to be expected?  We need to develop a trader’s mindset.

7. Handling Quarterly Earnings Reports  // Alex, August 2019

Earnings reports for stocks listed in the US are released every three months.  Those eagerly awaited reports often move stocks.  Some stocks respond to them with near-instant strong moves and even gaps, either up or down. At other times a report may produce no move.

That diversity of reactions tends to confuse traders.  In this Password class Alex will show how he handled a resent earnings period and share its lessons.  He’ll make suggestions on handling earnings reports for swing trades and long-term investments.  Alex will also show how some traders aim to profit from earnings-driven moves.

8. A system for day-trading earnings gaps  // Kerry, September 2019

In every earnings season there are stocks that react to their earnings announcements by gapping up or down.  Many of those jumps offer good day-trading opportunities.  It takes skill to enter a trade and profit when those stocks begin to fill their gaps.

Kerry will show how to find and trade earnings gaps based on a set of parameters that offer compelling day-trade probabilities. He’ll share how he decides what stocks to trade and what patterns he looks for to determine when and how to trade them.

9. Day-trading in handcuffs  // Alex, October 2019

“Trading in handcuffs” means restricting your trading size until you earn the right to increase it.  In July, returning from a trip, Alex caught himself making a few of impulsive day-trades – and put himself “into handcuffs.”

In this presentation he takes you through every day-trade he did to earn the right to increase his day-trading size.  Even if you don’t day-trade, it’ll be useful to see how a trader applies his systems, including risk control and record-keeping – with many examples of wins and losses.

10. MACD-Histogram Divergences  // Kerry, November 2019

A divergence is one of the most misunderstood and misused patterns in technical analysis.  Many traders expect a divergence to reverse a trend, but that rarely happens.  In reality, divergences work much better for a ‘reversion to the mean’ strategy.  Kerry will share his parameters for finding high-quality patterns with better probable outcomes. He will cover setting targets and stops and show how to recognize when a reversion to the mean has been completed.  Finally, he will illustrate the signs of those rare situations in which a trend change does occur.

An exclusive bonus for “2019Special” orders – Gerald Appel Master Class

Approx. 4 hours long, includes class handouts.

Appel is the inventor of MACD and other technical tools.  He is a practical trader, managing over a billion dollars in client funds.  He taught this unique intensive class during four afternoons in a Caribbean Traders’ Camp.  The video was professionally recorded and edited.  Never before offered in SpikeTrade, this video course brings you face to face with a brilliant money manager, an inventive analyst, and a generous teacher.

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