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The Password Courses 2020 (10 Classes)


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The Password Courses 2020 (10 Classes)
2020 - The complete FOURTH year of the Password Course

One of SpikeTrade membership benefits is the Password course – a monthly class taught by Alex and Kerry.  The recording of each class, including Q&A, is approx. one hour long and includes a PDF of the presentation.

This is the list of 2020 Password recordings:

#38 Trading Psychology, Chapter Two // Alex, Jan 2020

Alex returns to one of the foundations of trading success as well as one of the widest roads to failure – trading psychology.  Any serious discussion of this topic must end with a prescription for specific action.  That is what you’ll get in this class – and be sure to bring your questions for the Q&A that will follow Alex’ presentation.

#39 Stop-Loss Management //  Kerry, Feb 2020

Stops are a necessary evil. We must use them, but hope they never get hit. Stops are like insurance: we don’t like paying monthly premiums, but we’re glad to have it when trouble hits.

Stops help control risk and prevent disastrous losses. Managing stops can be very difficult, as our emotions lure us to move or even cancel stops when our trades swing against us.

One of the common dilemmas is which type of stops to use, and the other is how much room to give our trades. Do we use intra-bar stops or only closing basis stops?  Kerry addresses these and other important issues.  He focuses on some of the best techniques for managing stop placement and answers questions.

#40 How not to miss a market top // Alex, March 2020

With markets around the world in a fast-moving bear trend, most traders regret that they haven’t sold or sold more at the recent top.  Dr Elder reviews the signs and signals of the latest major top as well several previous important tops.

The goal of this class is to learn how to recognize when a bull market top is being built – and sell your stocks before they roll over into a bear market. This practical lesson that should serve you for the rest of your trading life.

#41 Alternative Moving Averages // Kerry, April 2020

To be a successful trader you need to stand apart from the crowd.  All traders know Simple and Exponential moving averages of closing prices.  Kerry “steps out of the envelope” and applies moving averages separately to high and low prices.  This novel method delivers trading messages not seen by the mass of traders.

Many SpikeTrade members use trading tools developed and recommended by Kerry, such as V-1 and V-2 entry triggers, ATR Channels and ATR stops.  This Alternative MA is his latest original tool.

#42 How I structure my workweek // Alex, June 2020

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”  “Work smarter, not harder.”  This class is a continuation of our theme of Organized Trading.  In response to requests from several Members, Alex leads you into his trading room and shows how he structures his research, trading, and record-keeping – by the day, the week, and the month.

#43 Spike Bounce signals 2020 // Kerry, July 2020

Spike Bounces are among the best short-to-intermediate term buy signals in the stock market.  Our monthly New High – New Low index flashes them several times each year.  How do we trade them?  How do we handle entries, targets and stops?

Three years ago Kerry presented this indicator in our Password class #7.  Now he'll share how he finessed his Spike Bounce technique in 2020.

#44 Triple Screen trading system // Alex, Aug 2020

This famous original system of Dr Elder puts every decision to enter a trade through several screens or tests.  It analyzes each trade in at least two timeframes, using several indicators.  This presentation reviews Triple Screen, focusing on the more recent modifications and tweaks.

#45 A Tool for Shorting: The First Lower High // September 2020

The sooner you identify a fresh downtrend, the better your reward-to-risk ratio.  Kerry shows how to look for the first lower high in what can be a newly forming downtrend.  This is one of his favorite shorting techniques.

#46 The Roads Not Taken - lessons from skipped trades // Alex, October 2020

Most weekends I prepare a list of stocks to consider trading in the coming week.  I work them up – but as the week goes on, I trade only a few of them.  Today we’ll see what we can learn from trading ideas that were examined - but trades not taken.

#47 The Top Six Questions with Kerry // Kerry, December 2020

We invited Members and Spikers to send us their important trading-related questions.  These are the ones Kerry answered in-depth:

•    How to build confidence in your plan? •    How to monitor trades? •    Scratching a trade and moving on •    Becoming a consistent trader •    Entry triggers •    Are fundamentals required?

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