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The Password Class 2021 (6 Classes)


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The Password Class 2021 (6 Classes)
2021 - The complete SIXTH year of the Password Class

One of SpikeTrade membership benefits is the Password Class – a bi-monthly class taught by Alex and Kerry.  The recording of each class, including Q&A, is approx. one hour long and includes a PDF of the presentation.

This is the list of 2021 Password recordings:

Password class #48 - Capitalization-based NH-NL 

Dr Alexander Elder

This is one of the latest tools in SpikeTrade.  We’ve always used the New High - New Low Index to track the leaders in strength or weakness.  Adding capitalization to NH-NL reveals the flow of big money.

In this class we review the construction of Cap-NHNL and its main signals, such as extremes and divergences.  Its daily data is free, but historical data not available.  We’ve been collecting it manually for over two years – enough to begin drawing some useful conclusions.


Password class #49 - ATR Channels review 2021 

Kerry Lovvorn

Kerry first taught his original class on ATR in 2016, and it became one of the most popular tools among SpikeTraders.  We use Average True Range (ATR) for measuring trend strength, setting profit targets, and deciding where to place protective stops.  We catch trend reversals using ATR divergences and add to our positions with ATR pullback strategy.  Now, in response to numerous requests, Kerry offers an updated review of this tool.


Password class #50 - How to minimize trading surprises 

Dr Alexander Elder

Many unpleasant surprises can be avoided: short squeezes, ex-dividends, earnings reports.  This presentation will show you how to reduce the amount of risk inherent in trading.  Alex will share his method of looking for warnings when planning trades. A PDF includes a list of resources mentioned in the presentation.


Password class #51 - Trading False Breakouts 

Dr Alexander Elder

In this Password class, Alex will share one of his key tools for catching trend reversals.  He will show how to recognize false breakouts and to confirm and reinforce their signals using technical indicators.


Password class #52 - The Chicken or the Egg: How to Develop Trust in Your Trading System 

Kerry Lovvorn

Nothing is more frustrating than having a plan, failing to implement it, and watching the trend run as your plan suggested – but without you.  Many traders struggle with following their trade plans.  In this Password class Kerry will outline his technical and psychological rules that make him follow his trade plans.


Password class #53 - How and when to sell short 

Dr Alexander Elder

Markets are two-way streets, on which professionals drive in both directions – both long and short.  In this class Alex will share how to recognize shorting opportunities in stocks, options, and futures.  He’ll suggest how to manage entries and exits as well as control risks, especially when making your first steps.

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