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Day-trading - group of Password classes


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Day-trading - group of Password classes
A group of 3 Password classes

SpikeTrade Password course is a monthly online class, taught by Dr. Alexander Elder (AE) and Kerry Lovvorn (KL).  Access to live classes is free for yearly and monthly Members.  Class recordings are available in our Traders’ Shop.

Each recording includes a presentation (you see the instructor’s screen and hear his voice), as well as the Q&A period, and a PDF of the presentation.  These recordings can be purchased individually or – at a discount – in yearly sets or thematic groups, such as this one:


This group includes the following Password classes:

The entire group cost $119 or you can purchase recordings separately, at $50 each:

Getting into Day-trading

Alex shares his experiences getting deeper into day-trading in 2018.  Topics include: Market selection / What techniques can be brought in from regular swing trading / Planning and record-keeping / Psychological challenges, traps, and rewards. Everything illustrated with charts of actual trades.

A system for day-trading earnings gaps

In every earnings season, there are stocks that react to their earnings announcements by gapping up and down.  Many of those jumps offer good day-trading opportunities.  It takes skill to enter a trade and profit when those stocks begin to fill their gaps.

Kerry shows how to trade earnings gaps, based on a set of parameters that offer compelling day-trade probabilities. He shares how he decides what stocks to trade and what patterns he looks for to determine when and how to trade them.

Day-trading in handcuffs

“Trading in handcuffs” means restricting your trading size until you earn the right to increase it.  Not long ago, returning from a trip, Alex caught himself making a couple of impulsive day-trades – and put himself “into handcuffs.”

In this presentation, he takes you through every day-trade he did to earn the right to increase his day-trading size.  Even if you don’t day-trade, it’ll be useful to see how a trader applies his systems, including risk control and record-keeping – with many examples of wins and losses.

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