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Money Management & Risk Control GROUP - 2 Password classes


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Money Management & Risk Control GROUP - 2 Password classes

SpikeTrade Password course is a monthly online class, taught by Dr Alexander Elder (AE) and Kerry Lovvorn (KL).  Access to live classes is free for yearly and monthly Members.  Class recordings are available in our Traders’ Shop.

Each recording includes a presentation (you see instructor’s screen and hear his voice), as well as the Q&A period, and a PDF of the presentation.  These recordings can be purchased individually or – at a discount – in yearly sets or thematic groups, such as this one:

Money Management and Risk Control

Attention to risk control is a hallmark of every serious trader.  Without money management even the best trading system will lose money.  Working on stop placements and reward-to-risk ratios is not anywhere near as exciting as hunting for new trades – but that’s what separates consistent winners from casual thrill seekers.

This group includes the following Password classes:

This group cost $79 or you can purchase recordings separately, at $50 each:

Risk Control & Money Management

Money Management is the least understood part of the three M’s – Mind, Method, Money.  One of the key differences between winners and losers is the attention they pay to risk control.  In this presentation, Dr Alexander Elder teaches a simple but powerful money management technique that you can use with any trading system or method.  It is suitable for any trader – from a newbie who is cautiously starting out to an experienced trader working to come back from a losing streak or struggling with a lack of progress.

Volatility-Based Stops

Putting stops on your trades provides a clear picture of risk.  The key question is: where to put them?  Put a stop too far – and your risk stays high.  Put a stop too close (which traders tend to do) – and any random short-term move will hit it.  All of us had a bitter experience of a whipsaw – getting stopped out and missing a profitable move that we were going to trade.

Kerry’s interest in market volatility led him to develop an original volatility-based method for setting stops.  His simple but effective formula allows him to place stops outside of the zone of normal volatility, where a random move is unlikely to hit his stop.  In this presentation Kerry shares his method – complete with the formula, charts, and numerous trading examples.

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