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Planning Trades


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Planning Trades
A group of 3 Password classes

SpikeTrade Password course is a monthly online class, taught by Dr Alexander Elder (AE) and Kerry Lovvorn (KL).  Access to live classes is free for yearly and monthly Members.  Class recordings are available in our Traders’ Shop.

Each recording includes a presentation (you see instructor’s screen and hear his voice), as well as the Q&A period, and a PDF of the presentation.  These recordings can be purchased individually or you can buy a group of related classes at a discount:

Planning Trades

President Eisenhower wrote: “In a battle, plans are useless, but planning is essential.”  In trading, rigid plans aren’t like to work, but planning your entries, targets and stops, as well as capital risk parameters is absolutely essential for well-organized, disciplined trading, with a minimum of disappoiuntments.

This group includes the following Password classes:

This group cost $119 or you can purchase recordings separately, at $50 each:

Practical Futures: Introduction, Methods, Risk Control

This presentation is designed to help two groups: those who never traded futures but are curious about them and those who already actively trade them.  It consists of three parts:

  • An introduction to futures for those who only trade stocks
  • Similarities and differences between futures and stocks; what methods you can bring from stocks to futures and what has to change
  • Risk control in futures – the essential skill on which even experienced traders often stumble

How to Create a Trade Plan

A good trade plan identifies a market setup that you want to trade.  It helps control impulsivity that can hurt even the best traders.  Trade plans must be clear and straightforward.  They should be concise, without multiple pages of complex ideas.

Kerry shows how to define a trading strategy, write a plan, and enter it into your Trade Journal.  You learn how to track your own compliance with your plan.

Trade Plans: Is This Fish Legal?

A Trade Plan is like a measuring tool in fishing: may you take this fish home?  Is your pick OK to trade?  A good plan helps zoom in on promising trades, skip duds, and reduce impulsivity.  A plan must have a simple structure.  To benefit from someone else’s plan you must modify it to make it your own.  Alex shows his three trade plans with several trade examples.
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