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Trading Psychology GROUP - 3 Password classes


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Trading Psychology GROUP - 3 Password classes

SpikeTrade Password course is a monthly online class, taught by Dr Alexander Elder (AE) and Kerry Lovvorn (KL).  Access to live classes is free for yearly and monthly Members.  Class recordings are available in our Traders’ Shop.

Each recording includes a presentation (you see instructor’s screen and hear his voice), as well as the Q&A period, and a PDF of the presentation.  These recordings can be purchased individually or – at a discount – in yearly sets or thematic groups, such as this one:

Trading Psychology

Our wishes and fears, abilities and blind spots are just as important parts of trading as computers and trading systems.  Your psychology can be your strength, but it can also be your weakness.  You can’t ignore it – you have to deal with it on your path to becoming a consistent trader.

This group includes the following Password classes:

This group cost 119 or you can purchase recordings separately, at $50 each:

Trading Psychology

Psychology has a greater role in your success or failure than any analytic tool.  What behavior, habits, and feelings help promote or prevent trading success?

Alex draws on his decades of experience as a psychiatrist, a trader, and a teacher of traders to help you answer these essential questions.  He offers several solutions that will help you stand out – and above – the market crowd.

How to Develop Confidence in a Trading Method

You have read about the three M’s (Mind, Method, Money) in Dr. Alexander Elder’s best-selling book “The New Trading for a Living”.  Of the three M’s, Mind is the most important. How do we condition our mind for success?

Most traders spend most of their time chasing one method after another but fail to settle on any one long enough to become successful.  As soon as their method triggers a series of losses they bail and move on to something else. How do we know that a series of losses is nothing unusual and is to be expected?  We need to develop a trader’s mindset.

In this course Kerry shows you how to take a method and analyze its various elements to develop confidence and make it work.

Trading Psychology, Chapter Two

Alex returns to one of the foundations of trading success as well as one of the widest roads to failure – trading psychology.  Any serious discussion of this topic must end with a prescription for specific action.  That’s what you’ll get in this class – and be sure to watch the Q&A that followed Alex’ presentation.


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