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Selecting an A Trade


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Selecting an A Trade
Notes from my diary by Dr. Alexander Elder


Alex begins by quoting Kerry: “Do you know what’s your “A” trade?”  Different people look for different patterns, and Alex is very clear about his, but now he has attached a sticker to his screen, saying: “Is this an ‘A’ trade?” It reminds him not to rush into action but to wait for the best setups.

He shows examples of dozens of recent trades – both day-trades and swing trades, some of them still open at the time of the presentation.  He shows many examples of “A trades” as well as what happens when the rules get violated.  He lists his parameters for an “A” trade and shows a spreadsheet of his morning homework.

Approximately 1 hour long.  $59 when purchased separately; it is also included in the $199 complete 2012 Reunion set.

$59.00   Sale Price: $29.00  


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