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2012 SpikeTrade Reunion Presentations + a FREE TRIAL


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2012 SpikeTrade Reunion Presentations + a FREE TRIAL
Presentations by seven leading Spikers as well as Alex and Kerry

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Nine presentations - two by Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn, along with 7 by top-rated Spikers - have been carefully selected on the basis of their accomplishments and presentation skills.  Each presentation is about 40 minutes long.  Imagine how much new and useful information you’ll master by viewing these recordings at your own pace.

1. Is This an “A” Trade?  Notes from My Diary – by Dr Alexander Elder

Alex shows examples of dozens of recent trades – both day-trades and swing trades, some of them still open at the time of the presentation.  He shows many examples of “A trades” as well as what happens when the rules get violated.  He lists his parameters for an “A” trade and shows a spreadsheet of his morning homework.

2. Market Internals: Aggressive or Conservative – by Kerry Lovvorn

You need to evaluate and rate current market conditions. No strategy works all the time, and you must adjust your strategies as the market conditions change.  Kerry shows how he analyzes trends and market internals in order to trade only when current conditions match his style of trading. He explains how to tell when it’s time to trade aggressively and when to sit back.

3. Clarifying Trading Tasks and Skills – by David L

David is an industrial psychologist, and he shares the results of his “job analysis” for successful trading. He suggests a method for obtaining feedback in the solitary work of trading.

4. The Earnings Pullback Trade – by Grant C.

The Earnings Pullback Trade is designed to exploit the repetitive behavior of hedgers and institutions as they circle back for a “second bite” of a strong stock after an earnings surprise..

5. Using Support and Resistance to Manage Profitability – by Henry A.

Henry gives his rules of thumb for determining the strength of support and resistance, with examples of trendlines, Fibonacci retracements, candle patterns and moving averages.  He reviews profitable setups for trading support and resistance, including the entries, stops and targets.  To help define acceptable risk and reward he provides a copy of a sizing calculator (an Excel spreadsheet).

6. Springs, Upthrusts and Market Structure – by Jeff P.

Springs and upthrusts and two powerful reversal patterns.  Based on the work of Richard Wyckoff, these patterns, when properly identified, represent high reward/low risk propositions. Jeff goes over the additional characteristics which increase the odds of a trade being successful.

7. Day-trading E-mini Futures – by Jim R.

Jim shares his system, including entries and exits, intraday timing, and risk management.  He includes chart parameters, types of orders, and rules for reversals.  He outlines several common traps and spells out his rules for placing stops and money management.

8. Trading Fast and Slow – by Ray E

Ray applies to trading the concepts from the book Thinking Fast and Slow by a Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman.  System One operates automatically, with little effort or control; System Two operates deliberately, requiring focused attention.  Understanding how the fast and slow systems operate can improve your trading performance.

9. Grasshoppers and Cut Banks – by Stephen M

Steve uses parallels with fly fishing to focus on fundamentals in stock price appreciation.  He explains which key fundamentals to focus on, how to combine them with technical patterns, and how to trade them.

Alex and Kerry presentations approximately 1 hour long, Spikers 40 minutes long each.

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