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Kerry Lovvorn Toolbox Indicators


Kerry Lovvorn Toolbox Indicators

This software is for TradeStation only.


These tools help implement a structured approach to analyzing markets in a top-down manner. Their parameters and settings are based on several years of research.

This Toolbox includes the following indicators:

  • ATR Channels Tri-band channels help defines trends, stops, and target levels.
  • ATR Trend Color price bars to visualize trend conditions
  • ATR from the Lows Plots a line from the lows or highs for an ATR trailing stop
  • ATR Percent an indicator that plots the percentage of ATR for volatility measurements
  • Elder Impulse Histogram Elder Impulse system determines when price and momentum are in sync
  • Squeeze Indicator Alerts traders to possible price explosions
  • MACD Momentum indicator  to determine the strength of trend and divergence patterns
  • Force Index with ATR Helps determine accumulation, distribution, exhaustion, and divergence patterns
  • EMA and SMA Moving averages that change colors when trending up or down
  • Price Entry Triggers Price formations that signal when to enter or exit trades
  • ATR Trailing Stop - Plots a line for a trailing stop using ATR. (This is the popular Indicator Kerry Plots on his NH-NL Posts each evening.

The instructions will guide you through the settings that Kerry uses.



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