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NH-NL daily, 20-day & 65-day


NH-NL daily, 20-day & 65-day
from 2005 until today

This product consists of a .CSV file with five columns: Date / 20-day New Highs / 20-day New Lows / 65-day New Highs / 65-day New Highs.  The file begins in 2005.  After you purchase it, we’ll email you a file current up to the sending date, ready for research and suitable for easy updating.

Since the New High – New Low e-book came out, we’ve been receiving requests for NH-NL historical data.  Some of that data is freely available – for example, a few years of 52-week data in TradeStation and the latest day’s 20-day and 65-data from  There is no easy source for a multiyear database for these data series.

Kerry Lovvorn had painstakingly assembled this data by hand from reliable sources.  He and Alexander Elder used it in writing the New High – New Low e-book and they use it daily in SpikeTrade reports.  Now we offer this data to serious researchers.



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