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NH-NL combo package: daily on a 52-week, 20-day & 65-day basis


NH-NL combo package: daily on a 52-week, 20-day & 65-day basis

NOTE: The data will be emailed to you after purchase.

This product consists of two .CSV files.  One has three columns: Date / New Highs / New Lows.  This file begins in 1978.  Another has five columns: Date / 20-day New Highs / 20-day New Lows / 65-day New Highs / 65-day New Highs.  This file begins in 2005.  After your purchase we’ll email you both files current up to the sending date, ready for research and suitable for easy updating.

Since the New High – New Low e-book came out, we’ve been receiving requests for NH-NL historical data.  Some of that data is freely available – for example, a few years of 52-week data in TradeStation and the latest day’s 20-day and 65-data from  There is no easy source for a multiyear database for these data series.

Kerry Lovvorn had painstakingly assembled this data by hand from reliable sources.  He and Alexander Elder used his data series in their New High – New Low e-book as well as daily in SpikeTrade reports.  Now we offer this data to serious researchers.



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