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Indicators & Techniques GROUP - 7 Password classes


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Indicators & Techniques GROUP - 7 Password classes

SpikeTrade Password course is a monthly online class, taught by Dr Alexander Elder (AE) and Kerry Lovvorn (KL).  Access to live classes is free for yearly and monthly Members.  Class recordings are available in our Traders’ Shop.

Each recording includes a presentation (you see instructor’s screen and hear his voice), as well as the Q&A period, and a PDF of the presentation.  These recordings can be purchased individually or – at a discount – in yearly sets or thematic groups, such as this one:

Indicators and Techniques

This group includes the following Password classes:

What works and what doesn't in classical charting

Technical analysis began with classical charting. The development of computerized analysis has made many classical tools inadequate – but a small number of those tools has stood the test of time, making them as useful today as ever.  Alex discusses and illustrates support, resistance, false breakouts, kangaroo tails, including trading rules and many examples.

Spike Bounce Signal

Spike Bounce is one of the most reliable signals for short-term stock market rallies.  This signal appears when the monthly NH-NL data becomes one-sidedly bearish and then comes off its extreme.  Afterwards the market pops up like a sealed empty bottle that had been pushed under water and then released.

In addition to teaching and illustrating our Spike Bounce signal, Kerry shares his latest tools for measuring the strength of each signal’s strength.  These tools deliver specific estimates of the likely extent of the coming stock market rally: weak, moderate or strong.

The Impulse system

The Impulse system helps you decide when to buy, sell, or stand aside in any market, in any trading vehicle.  It performs in every timeframe – from super-long-term monthly charts to very fast daytrading.

The system works by tracking two key parameters of every market move: inertia and power.  Dr. Elder shows how to use the Impulse system on your computer, with or without any special software.  His talk is illustrated by multiple trading examples.

The ATR Channels

Average True Range (ATR) is an indicator first described in 1976 – but Kerry brings it into the 21st century with his ATR channels.  He uses it to achieve some of the most important tasks in market analysis and trading: to determine volatility, analyze trend structure, identify supply and demand, and set stop-loss orders and profit targets.  He calls ATR channels his multipurpose tool and says this is the only tool he would not trade without.

Covering the vast amount of practical info on ATR Channels requires not one but two sessions.  An extra bonus: Kerry presents a simple trading system with a superb track record, based on combining Spike Bounce signals with ATR Channels.

Force Index

Volume reflects the power of market moves.  This is why analyzing volume is essential for successful trading.  Strangely enough, even computerized traders continue to look at simple bar charts of volume.  There is a better tool – the Force Index, an indicator that Dr Elder developed and has been using for years.

In this class he teaches how to construct Force Index and how to use it to identify trading opportunities.  He shares the latest findings: how adding 3-ATR channels to Force Index turns it into one of the most reliable tools for identifying intermediate tops and bottoms.

Industry Groups & Subgroups - Identify Market Tides

Step away from the crowd which looks only at a few key market indexes.  Learn to identify major trend changes with the help of SpikeTrade’s unique tool – our weekly study of Industry Groups and Subgroups.  This is not a short-term timing indicator, but it’ll put you in gear with the market’s major trend.

You don’t have to calculate it yourself - just take SpikeTrade data each weekend.  This class will help you develop an understanding of and confidence in this powerful, nonpublic tool.  For years, it has kept us on the right side of major moves most of the time – and we expect it to continue to perform in the future.

MACD-Histogram Divergences

A divergence is one of the most misunderstood and misused patterns in technical analysis.  Many traders expect a divergence to reverse a trend, but that rarely happens.  In reality, divergences work much better for a ‘reversion to the mean’ strategy.

Kerry shares his parameters for finding high-quality patterns, with better probable outcomes. He shows how to set targets and stops and how to recognize when a reversion to the mean has been completed.  He illustrates the signs of those rare situations in which a trend change does occur.

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